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Trinity League India Ltd. (formerly known as Dr. Wellman’s Homoeopathic Laboratory Ltd.) was incorporated as a private limited company in 1988 and became a public limited company in Feb.'95. Earlier the company was engaged in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines, health care products and herbal hair care products. Now, the company is diversifying in other fields for more expansion and growth and engaged in the rendering of financial advisory services, insurance related risk management services and the management consultancy services etc.


1) To render financial advisory services, investment advisory services, insurance related risk management services and the management consultancy services and to carry out valuation certification of loss assessment for assets of various kinds.     

2) To carry on the business of an investment company and to buy, undertake, lease, invest in, acquire and hold shares, stocks, debentures stock, Bonds, obligations and securities of any kind issued or guaranteed by any company constituted or carrying on Business in India or elsewhere and to promote, establish and undertake financial ventures of all kinds, and to carry out the said activities either on its own or in alliance with any other person/body/bodies corporate incorporated in India or overseas either under the strategic alliance or joint ventures or any other arrangement.   

3)  To carry on the business whether in India or abroad of developers, builders, creators, contractors of all and any kinds of infrastructure facilities and services relating to integrated township, railways, airports, roads, power generation, distribution, power trading or any kind of similar activities.   

4) To act as financial consultants, management consultants and to provide advice, services, consultancy in various fields, general administrative, secretarial, commercial, financial legal, economic, labour, industrial, accountancy.    

5) To act as consultants or advisors of any firm, body corporate, association or other undertaking, to act as consultants or advisors and to undertake part in the management supervision or control of the business or operation of any person, firm, body corporate, association or other undertaking and, if necessary, for such purpose or purpose to appoint and remunerate any offices of the company, accountants or other experts or agents.      

6) To carry on the business of financial and investment consultants, finance brokers, stock brokers, underwriters and to carry on the business generally carried on by finance and investment companies.   

7) To lend and advance money and assets of all kinds or give credit on any terms or mode and with or without security to any individual, firm, body corporate or any other entity (including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing any holding company, subsidiary or fellow subsidiary of company or any other company whether or not associated in any way with the company), to enter into guarantees, contracts of indemnity and surety ships of all kinds.   

8) To carry on the business of manufacturers, chemists, druggists, importers of and dealers in Homoeopathic, herbal and Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, medical related chemical and other preparation thereof and articles, compounds, drugs, cosmetics, toiletries and dealers in chemical, surgical and scientific apparatus and materials. 
9) To carry on the business of manufacture, import, export and dealers, in all kinds of Homeopathic medicines, pharmaceutical products, drugs, scents, toilet requisites and cosmetics.
10) To carry on the business as providers of all medical requisites for Government departments and agencies, medical depots, dispensaries, hospitals, patients and invalids.
11) To manufacture, produce, pack repack, import, export, buy, sell and deal in restoratives and / or foods, especially those suitable or deemed to be suitable for infants, invalids and convalescents.   

12) To carry on the business of vialling, bottling, packing, re-packing and processing of capsules, syrups, tablets, injectables, aerosols, ointments and cosmetics prepares and / or invented at its own laboratory or otherwise.